Health Boost Challenge


It's here once more Bev's Fitness Health Boost Challenge :) Who's with me??

This is for anyone that would like to gain more control in what you eat and drink along with 5 days per week of an activity that will get you hot and sweaty.

If you want to do this you will need to :

Eat and drink as natural and healthy as you possibly can.

As many different colors of vegetables as you like and eat a variety of fruit

Eat lots of protein, pulses,beans, eat fish, chicken. lean grass fed red meat, unsalted nuts and seeds ( careful not to overeat nuts as good for you but high in calories)

Eat/drink dairy, skimmed-semi skimmed milk, natural Yoghurt or Greek (no fruit ones as they usually contain lots of additives) Cheese in moderation as high in calories, Cottage Cheese.

Eat wholegrains complex carbs , wholemeal instead of white whenever Pasta, Rice, wholemeal flour when cooking, Quineo, Cous Cous, Oats.

Drink water, Milk, Tea, Coffee or very diluted fruit juice, diluted smoothies






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