Starting out towards a fitter you!


Embarking on a journey into a fitter, healthier lifestyle can be a scary thought. Not worrying about your health, what you look like or how you feel can be life changing!. Whether it is a health warning from the doctor, not being able to walk upstairs without getting breathless, feared decade birthdays or simply not being able to fit into your favorite items of clothing.

The magic combination of eating natural, nutrient dense foods that are good for us along with a regular active schedule works wonders!. It enables us to feel fantastic, glowing, energetic, determined and in control of our lives. It enables us follow our dreams of achieving what we want to achieve, being more confident in ourselves, looking how we want to look, feeling how we want to feel.

The well known phrase we are what we eat! The quality of every cell, every organ, skin, bone, muscle and ligament tissue is a result of the nourishment that we put in our bodies. What we eat creates our health, appearance and energy levels. Even if you train extremely hard doing lots of fitness training but still eat a large proportion of junk, ready-meals, high salt, high sugar foods you aren't going to get the results you desire through activity alone.

Maybe you used to think you could eat what you want, not really care about every morsel of food that you put into your mouth the thought processes need to alter to thinking before-hand is this meal/snack going to make me feel better, give me more energy and replenish my body after all the work it has gone through?. Am I going to feel in control of what I am eating? Or is it just going to give me a quick burst of "ooh that tastes good,yum yum in my tum a few moment after it has touched your lips?"! Do I care about whether this food that I am about to eat is detrimental to my health? Eating a bad unnatural diet can create disease, deplete energy levels, affect every movement your body makes, every thought, every action.

Taking up regular exercise for improving health and fitness is easier to stick to if you keep it varied. Yes it's good to have a favorite hobby or sport that you specialise in and become good at. It's much more beneficial for our heart, lungs, muscles and connective tissues to incorporate lots of different actions to improve all over functional life skills like being able to bend down and pick up something off the floor easily, getting up from a sitting position, being able to run or walk at ease or reaching up high. So ideally activities that we do need to give us strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, balance and efficiency for the heart and lungs in order to keep everything working properly and maintain general well being preventing disease and injuries. Varying your exercise can also prevent boredom, by keeping it interesting you are more likely to stick to a routine if it is not the same thing day in day out.

The keys to success into leading a healthy lifestyle are: Set yourself a specific goal and a realistic action plan to get you there - If you write it down you are more likely to achieve it; Find activities that you enjoy doing; Do an exercise that fits into your daily schedule; Consider activities that suits your budget; Get a training buddy or join a club - sometimes it easier to keep the motivation up if you have somebody to share your experiences with, who has similar goals; Set yourself a challenge - like a charity walk, run, cycle, swim etc - its nice to have something to train for and work towards whilst improving your fitness along the way

In conclusion: If your main goal is to change your lifestyle to become fit, healthy and feel more confident in yourself. To achieve the results you desire it is necessary to eat, natural, clean food as much as possible, allowing for an occasional treat day. Also you would need to become active at least 5 days per week for 30-45 minutes at a time. Incorporate a variety of movements that will get you hot, sweaty and slightly out of breath.

I hope to see you at a class very soon!





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