Catherine Teall


Catherine's Story.

Weighing my heaviest at 14st 10 in Nov 2011 I decided something needed to change. I joined the gym at WSC and have not looked back since. I was really nervous to start with and very self conscious but continued to go and with every month that passed I got more relaxed and confident.

I then decided to try Zumba as had seen everyone through the windows from the car park and they all looked like they were having a ball. THEY WERE!! Its amazing, I absolutely love it and a day without exercise now just doesn't feel right. Still we have to rest and a Saturday is usually my day off.

Here we are at the start of 2014 (just over 2yrs since I started at WSC) and to date have gone from a size 20 to a size 10 and lost 4 stone.

Thank you to all that have helped me, especially you Bev for your fab classes.

Everything has changed for me and I am now more confident and happier about the way I look, so here's to more of the same, enjoying the exercise and staying fit, strong and healthy.

Thanks to you all







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