Jayne Hutton


Jayne's Story

In April 2013 I walked into my first class with Bev. I chose Bums and Tums because I wanted to tone up and lose weight. I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect and I had had a bunion operation 10 weeks before. Bev made me feel really welcome and I soon relaxed and began to enjoy the exercises. Bev was wonderful; when the rest were doing a plank or lunges she showed me alternatives to avoid weight on the toes and perform an alternative pose/exercise.

I have tried a variety of her classes over time and have loved them all, as a busy teacher and Mother, time is the only constraint which prevents me from spending whole evenings at classes. I can’t say that I am an expert Zumba, I am often found shaking the wrong leg or moving in the wrong direction, but I never feel that the classes are competitive and I am always welcomed warmly by everyone.

What has it done for me?

Since starting classes I have lost weight, 23 lbs and trouser size and at the time of writing I am hoping to shed another 6 lbs. I sleep better and my IBS is a lot better as in May 2014 I did the Race for Life without use of my inhaler. My asthma is also a lot better and it has helped with a circulation problem in my right lower leg. My confidence has grown and in February I was a model in a charity Fashion Show and loved it.

The most fantastic and potentially challenging experience of my life took place in September this year when I did a Tandem Sky Dive from 15000 ft. My video will show you how much I enjoyed it and this is down to my improved self-image and confidence.

I thoroughly recommend that you try Bev’s classes. Bev is a fantastic inspiration for others to adopt a healthy life style. I love her attitude, photographs of yoga poses in unusual places, whooping in Zumba Classes, whistles, bells and lots of shimmying. Long may she continue!!!








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