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Shirley's Story

The summer fete 2011 at Somervale acting for Midsomer Primery School, that was the day my life changed for the better! I was absolutely blown away by the Zumba team, the dances were fun, lively and a little daring. I asked the Instructor ( Bev) where I could go to classes and Bev told me Writhlington Sports Centre. I had no prior knowledge that this place existed before this event. I told my girls about this, so we booked beginners class and boy did we love it! We soon became full time members and joined the Gym, plus Zumba Fitness, Toning, Yoga, Badminton etc. We have all had weight losses, I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a dress size 12 feel energetic, confident, not so serious about myself, all in all I feel Great! This in turn has encouraged family and friends to join up as well.

Thanks to Bev and the Writhlington Team I have even taken up jogging and ballroom dancing. I am more flexible and toned and able to do more than I was many years ago. I hated the Gym, but this Gym is so much better, you feel more at ease because of the Training and you are Supervised, stats are regularly done and programs are changed to suit you and build your stamina up. I have been so well looked after I just keep coming back for more!! Lots of people ask me how do you stay so slim, I say Exercise and Zumba mixture, they soon want to know where I go.

Thanks to the dedicated Staff at Writhlington Sports Centre and Bev for the encouragement, making us feel welcome and a fun ways to exercise.

I was 60 January 2013..... Bring it on !!!!

Shirley Bartlett






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