Tracey's Story

After sustaining a whiplash injury I was persuaded to attend a yoga class by a colleague and so went nervously along to a local session with low expectations. On arrival I was greeted warmly by Bev who told me to listen to my body and do as little or as much as I felt able. From my hiding place at the back of the class I was surprised to see people of all ages, shapes and sizes bending and stretching to varying degrees. No-one was judging my feeble efforts at Downwards Dog or Cobra, and with Bev’s clear instructions I found I was becoming absorbed in the stretches and focusing on my breathing. At the end of the class I found I had enjoyed myself and Bev came over to check if I had got on ok. I was surprised how friendly everyone was. Having survived week one I became a regular and found I could challenge myself a little more each week to stretch into the positions. Gradually I found I was regaining the mobility in my neck and back. I especially enjoyed how Bev structured the exercises to flow through different parts of the body and, together with the soothing music she played, I began to see my weekly yoga class as a little oasis in the middle of my busy week. I also found I had a good night’s sleep afterwards! That was over ten years ago and I am still attending Bev’s yoga classes having followed her around various village halls and other venues during this time.

Now at Writhlington Sports Centre, I am continuing to attend my weekly yoga session with Bev and it certainly gives me an energy boost and focuses my mind. I feel supple, fit, more alert and confident. Bev’s enthusiasm for what she does has certainly inspired a lot of people. Through her hard work, positive outlook and sunny disposition Bev certainly deserves her fantastic following. Yoga is one of the most important aspects of my life and is at the centre of a healthy lifestyle which is so important to me. I have taken up Pilates which I also enjoy immensely and with regular brisk walks and swimming sessions the buzz I get from yoga has encouraged me to exercise everyday. Together with eating healthily and looking after myself I have never felt better and am able to cope with a busy job and my caring responsibilities.

I would like to say a big thank you to Bev. The support she gives to so many people does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated!







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