Tracy Barlett


Tracy's Story

In June 2011, my mum, Sister and her family came back after going to the children's school fayre in Midsomer Norton. My mum was all excited saying I've seen the most amazing dancing it's called Zumba, she rang up Writhlington Sports Centre and booked herself, Nicky and me into the beginners class.

The first class we were all very nervous but I did it and loved every moment of it, none of us knew the moves but continued going to the beginners and watched Bev's YouTube videos to look at the moves and the Zumba dance technique.  After a while mum stopped going for a while due to an operation and Nicky was only allowed out once and a while, so I started going on my own, I was welcomed in by the regulars and they said we're look after you.

Nicky returned to day classes, she made me move toward the front row with her, I was so nervous being at the front took me a while to get used to it, but eventually nerves disappeared and was getting more confident.

I started go to a variety of Bev's classes which was yoga, Salsa, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Bums and Tums, Bodytone, ab attack,plus got a intro to the gym, started feeling the benefit of different exercises, from this I was hooked.  My confidence built up, shyness started to go, I started chatting to lots of new people and started feeling relaxed around everyone.

We were asked to do the Zumba demo, it was a scary moment, very nervous, but wow boosts up your confidence and have never ever felt a buzz like that, loved it.

All these amazing different experiences have changed me completely. I have pushed myself more this year with Bev's classes and the gym with my sister and mum, my core has improved, Yoga has helped get rid of that drawing ache in the wrist, have got stronger able to do pull ups and now have challenges for fun, also to see how far we can go.

I have always loved fitness and feel great doing it, taken me and my sister few years to get to the fitness level we are now, not a fast way but we built up slowly. Bev has helped me and motivated me a lot, also has helped me see things differently, a bit of kindness goes along way.

I have met so many lovely people, I always enjoy chatting with them before and after class. Bev asked me if I wanted be a helper in her classes to welcome new people in her classes. It is scary walking into a room on your own, but always helps to have someone approach you to chat and make you feel at ease. It is an honour and privilege to help a wonderful kind fitness instructor who always finds time to help others.

Bev Nichols and Writhlington Sports Centre has changed my life, I was very shy, not very socialable, wasn't happy who I was or with my life, I am now am happy, confident, very social, able to listen, talk and help others, love meeting new people and have so many adorable and amazing friends.

So thank you Bev very much







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