Healthy Lunch Options


Here are some ideas that you can prepare at home to take to work and eat for lunch.

Dishes like the vegetable lasagne you may like to cook a big a batch of it and then split into freezable containers so you have several meals at the ready to take when you are short of time. There are some meals that will need warming up like the lasagne or soup if you have a microwave in your workplace.

Jacket potatoes cook in the oven the night before and warm up in the microwave. Take your fillings in a separate dish.

Cook your Pasta or Rice dishes the night before to save you time the next morning. Then refrigerate until you eat them.

The salads you could either make the night before or early in the morning on your working day so that they are fresh and don't lose too much vitamin and mineral content. The salads will need an icepack in the summer or need to be kept refrigerated

Here are some examples of healthy meals that you could take to work:

Oat and Fruit Bagel with no added sugar peanut butter and banana, with Blueberries and Strawberries and have a glass of milk for protein. Lots of complex carbs for energy, Peanut butter and milk for protein, Fruit for vitamins and fibre

Homeade Vegetable Lasagne - made with lightly stir fried in olive oil mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, red kidney beans along a with a tomato pasta sauce, lasagne pasta sheets with layers of homeade white sauce (made with wholemeal flour) with grated cheddar cheese on the top and cooked in the oven for 40 minutes on 200c. Reheat in a microwave for an easy nutritent packed lunch, served with spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers and cucumber

Greek Salad, superfood beetroot, tomoto, sesame seeds, green peppers

Tuna, Mozzarella and Beetroot Salad with green leaf salad

Prawn Saled with avocado, cashew nut, celery, olive, tomato and green leaves

Wholegrain Rice with nuts and seeds mixed with salad leaves

Jacket Potatoes with cottage cheese, cheese and beans or tuna with greek yoghurt

Wholemeal Sandwich with houmous/ tuna / chicken salad

Wholemeal Pitta Bread or wholemeal wraps filled cheese and sweetcorn with salad

Gluten-free Pasta, with tomato pasta sauce, chopped red onion, oven baked mushrooms, green peppers and a handful of cashew nuts

Vegetable Soups, with a slice of wholemeal bread - nice and warming for the colder months packed with vitamins and minerals please see recipe on healthy meals article

Please see below for some ideal healthier snacks suggestions to take into work with you

It is also a good idea to drink plenty of water throughout to keep you hydrated. Try to have a glass or bottle of water near you so you can sip it often.

Try to keep your body mobile by getting up and moving around whenever possible or at least every couple of hours. Sitting down for long periods of time can make your joints stiff and cause bad posture particularly if you are bent over a keyboard. So try to get up and move around or make a drink as often as you can to in order to stretch the legs and get your circulation flowing again.

It is also good to do a few stretches to prevent tension in the shoulders, back and neck. Here is a short chair yoga video from my you tube channel that you may like to to do on your lunch break Click Here

I hope this will help you to keep healthier during your working day.






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